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Laser Taggers


Our Taggers (laser tag guns) are the Phoenix LTX series from Nerf. The use infrared light (like a remote control) and are completely harmless for our players. They are fun and easy to use for anyone over 5 years old.

The taggers also have plenty of movement and sounds to keep your battles exciting and interesting. The gun rumbles, recoils and reloads while you zone in on your opponent and aim for the score.


The Phoenix LTX system is all self contained; the 'tagging' is done by targeting the blaster itself rather than an external vest. Each blaster has a red dome on top of the tagger which is where your opponents are aiming for; take a hit and your dome flashes red to let you (and whoever shot you) know!

The tagger also features two triggers: a firing trigger and a shield trigger. Players get 30 sec of shields per game.



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We have a state-of-the-art inflatable arena with over 1000sqft of playing space.

It stands 2 meters high to ensure plenty of head room for both kids and adults


We also have a highly portable outdoor arena. great for birthday parties and small events.

portable arena

portable arena