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About Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a fun activity suitable for everyone!

Laser tag is an exciting and challenging non-contact shooting game which can be enjoyed by players of all ages (minimum of 5 years old). The mobile laser tag game is played inside an arena which can be filled with swirling fog and subdued lighting to create an extraordinary atmosphere. The basic idea of the game, is for players to shoot at their opponents’ laser tagger with their laser beam while at the same time preventing their own tagger from being shot. The taggers use infrared light (like a remote control) and are completely harmless for our players.

With our mobile laser tag arena, it is possible to pitch two teams against each other to enhance team work, or just simply play every person for themselves! There are many different laser tag game types available to you and we can help select the perfect one for your event.

Our professional and experienced crew will ensure everyone has a safe, fun time.

we are located at ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, every weekend.

Our inflatable laser tag equipment is also portable, therefore, there is no limit to the different events and locations the game can be played at. Whether you wish to hire the laser tag for a corporate event or birthday party the equipment can be used by participants of all ages, indoors or outdoors.

We can bring video game action to your home, office or venue.